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•Less than 3 years service = 4 hrs per pay period
•3-15 years of service = 6 hrs per pay period
•Over 15 years of service = 8 hrs per pay period
•Maximum 240 hrs carryover each calendar year
OPM Annual Leave - General Information
•Always 4 hrs per pay period
•No maximum carryover
OPM Sick Leave - General Information
•120 hrs per fiscal year; 240 hrs maximum carryover
OPM Military Leave - General Information
OPM 71 Leave Form

Leave Transfer Program (LTP): Description: An employee may donate annual leave directly to another federal employee who has a personal or family medical emergency and who has exhausted his/her available paid leave. There is no limit on the amount of donated annual leave a recipient may receive from the leave donor(s). However, any unused donated leave must be returned to the leave donor(s) when the medical emergency ends.

Leave Recipient: A potential leave recipient’s employee agency must determine that a full-time employee’s absence from duty without available paid leave because of the medical emergency is (or expected to be) at least 24 hours. For PART-TIME employees or employees on uncommon tours of duty, the period of absence without paid leave is prorated. An employee may receive donated annual leave when he or she becomes an approved leave recipient. Once approved for the program, an HRO contact person acting on the employee’s behalf, will solicit annual leave donations through the e-mail and the Intranet.

OPM Fact Sheet on the Voluntary Leave Transfer Program


OPM 630 - APPLICATION to become a leave recipient under the Voluntary Leave Program

OPM 630a -  WITHIN AGENCY REQUEST to donate annual leave

OPM 630b - OUTSIDE AGENCY REQUEST to donate annual leave

I would like to invoke my entitlement to leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act in order to stay home and take care of my 2-month old daughter. May I substitute any of my annual and sick leave for the unpaid leave?  The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) entitles covered Federal employees to a total of 12 workweeks of unpaid leave (leave without pay) during any 12-month period for certain family and medical needs, including the birth and care of a newborn. An employee may elect to substitute paid leave (e.g., annual or sick leave) for the unpaid FMLA leave, but only to the extent such paid leave is permitted under current law and regulations. If an employee chooses to invoke his or her entitlement to FMLA leave to care for a healthy newborn, he or she may only substitute annual leave for the unpaid leave, as there is no authority to use sick leave to care for a healthy child. An employee's entitlement to FMLA leave expires on the first anniversary of the child's birth.

For more information on FMLA:

Department of Labor FMLA Facts Page

Department of Labor FMLA Employee Guide

OPM Policy on FMLA

We have an employee who has been on military leave without pay (LWOP-US). He is requesting to be paid for his 15 days of military leave for the new fiscal year. Is he entitled to this? Yes. An employee who is a member of the Reserves or National Guard serving on active military duty which extends into a second or succeeding fiscal year may accrue and use the 15 days of military leave which accrue at the beginning of the second fiscal year and each succeeding fiscal year without return to civilian status. In addition, an employee who has been activated in support of the national emergency whose duty extends into the next calendar year will be entitled to up to an additional 22 days of military leave under 6323(b).

Leave for Sexual Assault Victims 

 TPR 630 - Leave and Absence Program - NOTE -  Please be advised of an error in TPR 630, Absence and Leave, Chapter 11, paragraph 11.1.c., Work Performed on Holidays or Sundays. As written, "A technician who works on a holiday or a Sunday falling outside their normal workdays may not earn compensatory time for all hours worked. Technicians performing work on holidays or Sundays will receive premium pay." This statement is incorrect. At a future date, TPR 630, Chapter 11, paragraph 11.1.c., will be corrected to read, "Technicians performing work on holidays or Sundays will not receive premium pay." This correction aligns with the guidance provided in TPR 990‐2, Hours of Duty, Pay, and Leave, Subchapter S1. Premium Pay, S1‐10. Pay for Sunday Work, which reads, "Technicians are not entitled to Sunday pay for periods of overtime work."


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